Retail Pro Prism – TMG effectively develops sales management system in the Digital transformation era

Post by admin on 20/07/2021

Due to the high level of competition in the retail industry, the certainty of digital transformation during this period will be the determining factor for the survival of every business. Nowadays, the more options and advanced technology experiences, the more diverse in consumer behavior. Not only just, what customers are looking for is shopping experiences.

Acknowledging the movement, TMG decided to enhance and reconstruct a new technology strategy with Retail Pro Prism on the purpose of improving the sales system – Centralized inventory management – Optimize promotions. Less than 1 year of the upgrading Retail Pro Prism progress, TMG has significantly increased omni-channel retail sales. This company also owns 02 international famous brands: JOHN HENRY and FREELANCERS.

JOHN HENRY và FREELANCERS là 02 thương hiệu nổi tiếng từ TMG

JOHN HENRY and FREELANCERS – Famous brands from TMG

TMG transforms with Retail Pro Prism

TMG has been a regular customer of LBC since 2008. After various experiences and good results, TMG decided to upgrade to Retail Pro Prism, the ultimate retail management system, with the highest expectation of satisfying the shopping experience for consumers.

Mr. Le Hoang Viet, IT Manager of TMG, comments, “Retail Pro Prism gives our team at TMG more advanced capabilities, high compatibility with other software via an accessible API, an easy path to upgrade, and quick deployment.”

Fast deployment

“Our Authorized Retail Pro Business Partner, LBC, has supported TMG’s retail strategy with their expertise in Retail Pro technology for many years. Thanks to its strong team, deep Retail Pro knowledge, and over 10 years’ experience of implementing retail systems for leading brands in Vietnam, LBC successfully upgraded the entire TMG network of stores to Retail Pro Prism in only 1.5 months,” said Mr. Le Hoang Viet.

Effectively conduct inventory and centralized orders

Mr. Le Hoang Viet proposed: “Upgrading to Retail Pro Prism is a brilliant move as TMG can centrally manage inventory and smoothly integrate with our diverse sales channels such as: TMG website, Facebook and e-commerce platforms such as SHOPEE, VNSHOP, SENDO, etc. Orders from all these channels are conveniently managed at Retail Pro Prism, then they’d be dispatched to the nearest store and ready to be delivered with the aim of completing the order as fast as possible.

Với Retail Pro Prism, TMG xử lý được vấn đề hàng tồn kho

With Retail Pro Prism, TMG handles inventory problems

Offering big promotions

The big promotion of Retail Pro Prism is also a huge advantage from the new Retail Pro technology. With Retail Pro Prism, promotional activities such as coupons, gift cards, etc. are applied very quickly and easily.

Mr. Le Hoang Viet suggested: “Retail Pro Prism is very easy to create and customize promotions. Sales information or invoices are always punctually updated. Meanwhile, the regulation of order confirmation and management when applying Retail Pro Prism’s promotions has been not only supporting the store to control well, but also minimizing user errors.

Extraordinary customer experience

Customer data of the channels are centrally collected to establish the customer service system. With some assistance from LBC, we  started a membership program with MEMBER , SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM level, in accordance with their custom, while enhancing the brand experience.” – Mr. Le Hoang Viet shared about customer experience after TMG had applied Retail Pro Prism.

Trải nghiệm khách hàng tốt hơn kể từ khi nâng cấp Retail Pro Prism

Customer experience is better with Retail Pro Prism

Moreover, TMG also integrates Retail Pro Prism with the customer service system via Zalo Official message, Brand SMS, Minigame or a shopping experience survey system.

Mr. Le Hoang Viet comments, “Retail Pro Prism is easy to use and easy to customize. Many types of promotions can be set up. Information such as sales, goods receipts and issues can be monitored in real time, so we always have the information we need. We can serve our customers better thanks to the loyalty module in Retail Pro Prism. Moreover, we can also integrate Retail Pro to other systems through Retail Pro Prism’s accessible API.”

Within less than 1 year of upgrading Retail Pro Prism, TMG has significantly increased sales, enhanced our brand identity and customer’s trust. Thank you TMG for choosing LBC as a Retail Pro solution provider in Vietnam.