About Us

We are a dynamic team of retail technology experts. Brands like Hermes, MAC, Nike, Mothercare, Gap and many more trust us as their advisors and partners in making the most of the innovative Retail Pro POS and retail management platform to meet the evolving needs of their growing businesses. 

With over 10 years’ experience with Retail Pro, we strive to help our clients generate greater efficiency by optimizing their business processes with technology tailored to their needs. As retailers’ needs evolve and technology progresses, our team is poised to provide a consistent level of quality IT support and consultation that augment your needs in a dynamic business environment.

Core values

GEM is the abbreviation of Grow Together, Earn Trust and Move Fast


Grow Together

We believe that when we come and work together, we can learn more and grow more. The more embracing we are of openness and teamwork, the more values we can see in each other, the more values we can add together.

Earn trust

We believe that trust is the core od any relationship and is at the foundation of any successful business. Trust must be earned through our sincere actions and effective communication. When trust presents, wonders are taking off.

Move fast

We believe that fast is better than slow, and great things are created by continuous effort. We encourage people to take action quickly. The faster we are, the more we can build and learn.


Provide IT solution to assist retailers to achieve more.


Become trusted IT solution for retailers.

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