4 tips for effective omnichannel clienteling

Post by admin on 31/12/2020

Knowing what makes a customer tick — everything from tastes, to sizes, to expendable income — that is the Holy Grail for retailers. Yes, the data is out there, and it is being collected by most retailers today. But only when it is analyzed appropriately is it useful for retailers.

That is where clienteling solutions come into play. Clienteling is a natural outgrowth of data collection and loyalty programs. In the early days of loyalty programs, retailers asked demographic questions and logged them into an enormous database. Sometimes there were obvious rewards attached but sometimes the rewards were fleeting or not outlined clearly.

It’s a tall order, but by embracing the customer’s adoption of new technology and adapting to the ways customers prefer to interact with their preferred brands, retailers can create a personalized shopping experience that is more satisfying than shopping online.

Here are four tips on how to implement clienteling solutions and exceed customer expectations.

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