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Robust Yet Flexible and Lightweight

Retail Pro Prism is the next generation in user-driven retail POS. Lightweight enough to allow any operating system and hardware deployment, yet stable enough to handle online or offline workloads.

  • Flexible enough for the single store
  • Various high profile cultural and sporting venues and events
  • Retail Pro can provide your next generation retail solution, available today.

Retail Pro is a Platform, Not Product

Omni-channel and Modular Flexibility

A retailer’s business needs should determine their hardware and software environments – not the other way around.

Any Environment: OS or Hardware

Benefits as a Platform:

  • Transform shopper experiences
  • Add mobility
  • Freedom from venue/location limitations
  • Workflow flexibility

UI, Security, and APIs

Prism’s Customizable UI

Looks and is used just like your current business process and brand, without compromises.

Security Redefined

  • Secure access
  • Secure communication
  • Secure data encryption
    • Secure Communication
    • Secure Data
    • Secure Payments Methods


Multiple APIs are available for localizations, customizations and integration efforts.

  • REST API – custom applications
  • UI API – user interface and interaction
  • Communication API – integrations for non-user interactions
  • Server API – server-level integrations